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Revelation Wellness ® with Michelle

21-Day Mind and Body Reset
Project Stress Relief  Challenge

Your whole self operates best when you think, feel, and choose according to God’s Word. But God’s Word can’t change you if you aren’t aware of what needs to be changed! God has made a way for us to reset all things back to peace, for all good work starts from rest. In order to become aware of ourselves, we must slow down. Reset with us, and join us for a different type of faith and fitness challenge: Project Stress Relief. We’ll spend 21 days slowing down and learning the habit of mindfulness in a scripturally-based, Christian context. We’ll learn how to find joy in quiet, hear the voice of God better, and embrace being still instead of resisting it. Join for ANY tax-deductible donation before sign-ups close on September 15! We start on September 19! www.revelationwellness.org/challenges
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Let's Meet Up!

Let's gather together in real time community with real people facing real struggles who are choosing to overcome by taking hold if the real and complete hope we have in Jesus.
Project Stress Relief Meet Up
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Book Study and Coaching

We will journey through The Wellness Revelation Book where you will learn how to live well, both physically and spiritually. My prayer is that you will lose what weighs you down and find freedom and joy to live your abundant life. Each session includes a teaching video, Bible study,  and group discussion.

The cost is $50 per person. (The book is included in the price.)

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Our hopes are not set on changing circumstances, an ideal body, or a more comfortable life. Our hopes are set on the Lord and 

He is always, only and ever good.