Give your mind permission to wander its way back into the wonder of God. 

What we behold, holds us.

It is never too late to transition into a life of saying
YES and bravely stepping into His visions and
plan for your life. 

All Movement is Good!

May I ask you a question? Were you picked first or last for the kickball game? Did you love or hate PE? Do you remember moving your body for FUN? God made us to move and to delight in moving! All movement is good. 

You CAN have Joy
and Freedom. 

I am a wellness instructor, personal and executive coach. Who is a mom and Nonni with a wanderlust for traveling and wanna be Sous-chef. My favorite thing to do is sitting and talking with you to hear your uniqueness' and strengths- listening to your stories. Learning what you are passionate about, getting to know you, your goals and dreams, while walking alongside of you. I am passionate about you - stop neglecting your body, stop obsessing over your body and let's get on with abundant living. Let's do this together!

What a blessing it was to visit with Debi on her podcast, The Transition Bridge Podcast. During periods of transition we often need defiant hope, hope in the Lord that He is able. Join Debi and I as we talk about Defiant Hope in Times of Transition. You can click here to listen